Intercultural Word of the Week – Viraha

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The Indian poet Jayadeva, in the 12th century, wrote the epic Gita Govinda intending for it to be learnt and sung at night while dancers evoked the passion of the story as a performance.  The poem tells the tale of love between the goatherd Govinda (an incarnation of the god Krishna and the cowherd Radha.  It is a story of love and loss and is an excellent example of a feeling in Sanskrit, viraha.  Viraha is an interpretation of a feeling of loss, abandonment, especially in the romantic sense of love lost, the incompleteness one feels when a loved one leaves.  It recalls the erotic feelings of love and the sense of desolation of heartbreak.

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Dominic Tidey is the C.O.O. of EuRA, the European Relocation Association.  EuRA is the professional industry body for relocation providers and affiliated services. As a non-profit organisation EuRA aims to promote the benefits of a professionally managed relocation to companies with globally mobile employees.

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Dom Tidey

Dominic Tidey is the C.O.O. of EuRA with specific responsibility for new projects, conferences, education programmes and research. EuRA is the association for relocation providers across the globe. We are a not-for-profit association run by our 500+ members in 95 countries. EuRA sets global standards for relocation through our MIM Professional Qualification and our EuRA Global Quality Seal, an ISO based independent audit programme for mobility providers. Dominic has worked with EuRA since 1998 having studied law at university and working in social services. In 2003 he completed his masters degree and returned to EuRA as Operations Manager, spearheading the development of the EARP and later, the EuRA Global Quality Seal and most recently, the MIM online training programme.

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